My name is Daemion Goodwin. I am a tattooer, painter, and digital artist located North of Atlanta, GA. I travel frequently to attend tattoo conventions, seminars, and appear as a guest artist in various shops around the US. I studied art and graphic design at the University of West Georgia in 2009, and began a tattoo apprenticeship in 2010. I have been happily tattooing for 10 years, while making an effort to increase my knowledge and continue to grow as an artist.


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"Daemion's Declassified

Tattoo Survival Guide"

(Tattoo inquiries)

art/painting commisions, inteveriews, etc.)





Ideal Subject Matter

  • Mystical,mythological, magical subjects.
  • Video game related content.
  • Spiritual Symbolism
  • Geometric
  • Galactic Imagery
  • Star Wars
  • LOTR (Lord of the Rings)
  • Pokémon
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Flowers
  • Traditional and Neo-traditional
  • Realistic animal portraits
  • Bold, bright, colorful pieces with freedom to create.



  • Rebel flags or hate symbolism of any kind.
  • Tiny, detailed "pinterest" tattoos
  • Fancy lettering.



  • Lettering or smaller tattoos. (For repeat clients only)
  • Patriotic symbolism for clients wanting large scale pieces only.


NOTES: Creative freedom is important. Avoid tattoos that several other people already have. Any design submitted will be redrawn to ensure originality.

Tattoo Aftercare

Keep Sandierm bandage on the tattoo for 72 hours unless previously discussed with your artist.

-Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before washing the tattoo.

-Wash new tattoo 3-4 times a day with antibacterial soap. Try to keep shorter showers and from completely submerging the tattoo underwater.

-No swimming, tanning, or hot tubs until the tattoo is fully healed.

-Apply a thin layer of Aveeno lotion or happy guru tattoo care 3-4 times per day. Waiting 10 minutes after each wash so that the tattoo is not wet when applying the lotion.


What can I expect from my new tattoo?

Day 1

Tattoo ink and fluids from the tattoo might rise to the surface of the skin. Leave the Saniderm bandage on the new tattoo for the time period I have recommended. Please remember that a tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such.


After the Saniderm

Some plasma/ink (clear fluid or tattoo ink) may continue to seep from the new tattoo. Over the next week, wash your tattoo 3 times per day unless more is needed due to outside exposure or exercise. A thin layer of skin will form over the new tattoo. It is normal for the tattoo to be itchy and peel. Please DO NOT pick or scratch the tattoo. If you develop a scab on any area of the tattoo, be careful not to pick or scratch that part it will pro-long the healing process. Continue washing your tattoo each day.

Day 9-14

The tattoo will most likely be done peeling by now. The tattoo may continue to be itchy or dry. Do not scratch newly tattooed skin this will cause ink to fall out . A tattoo can take up to a few weeks to be fully healed. Continue using the Aveeno lotion or whatever your artist has recommended.

Tips For Healed Tattoos:

-Be sure to avoid sunlight directly on new tattoos for the first few months. The skin has just regenerated and is sensitive to the sun.(greater risk of sunburn.)


-Wear sun screen when outdoors (SPF 50 or higher)


-Continue to use lotion or tattoo aftercare (Happy Guru or Aveeno lotion is what I recommend) for as long as it’s available after the healing process is complete.

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